Green Monster…Finally

At the beginning of the week, I had prepared only three breakfast bowls so that Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the days I have classes, I would have breakfast ready to go.  I didn’t really plan for Tuesday or Thursday or the fact that I might be craving one all throughout my workout.   Continue reading

WIAW#7 – Busy Bee

The great thing about school is that there are so many people out and about and so many things to get involved with that there is no opportunity to be bored.  That is of course if you decide to sign yourself up for practically everything like I did. Continue reading

You Scream, I Scream

So long swim suits, beach days, and ice cream.  Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Just because we are making our way into fall doesn’t mean we have to give up our ice cream.  I am a STRONG believer that frozen yogurt and ice cream are good year-round (Pumpkin froyo or peppermint ice cream anyone?) and sometimes taste better in the winter.  And goodness knows I will continue to rock that swim suit long into the winter months.  I’m just that sort of California girl.  I’ve saved some images from my Labor Day adventures and decided to share before we get too far into fall. Continue reading


So to start off this lovely season (I have to say I prefer spring and summer, but it is nice to change things up a bit), I went for a wonderful bike ride with my friend Louise.  We headed out towards the Stanford campus where there happened to be tons of other bikers.  How fun would it be to ride in a large group?  Some day…some day. Continue reading