Where does the Time Go?

Ever really think about how we really spend our days? I heard about this book called 168 Hours: Where Does the Time Go? from Running on Pumpkin and the Healthy Tipping Point 

It is a book, which helps you learn how to better organize your day and your life.  I might give it a try or at least read the book for tips.  Who knows, maybe it will leave more time to productively accomplish something rather than sit around on Facebook.

Rest In Peace Professor Donnelly

During my time at Santa Clara, I have been instructed by many wonderful professors. However, I never would have believed that I would have to see them go so soon. Some of them have been leaders in the business world and are teaching as an pre-retirement project.  Some have been thoroughly involved in the international market and have traveled the world and they can help us relate the content to real life applications.  Also, because it is a Jesuit school, we have Jesuits teaching our classes as well. Continue reading