Preguntas Part 1

Ending the day with a little Spanglish and when in doubt, answer a survey.  No, that is never the way that saying goes, I know, but I had nothing else to write about.  Let’s just say the impact of Monday’s classes and the tease of Thanksgiving break is messing with my brain. I picked up this idea off of Hayley’s blog.  So, here we go:

A is for age: 21, loud and proud.  However, if you look at me or my ID, you would not believe it.  I would be rich the amount of times people question my age, but that will definitely help me later on!

B is for breakfast today: Delicious and juicy plumot from the farmer’s market (thank goodness for samples or I wouldn’t have stumbled upon it!), Chobani Blood Orange yogurt, and some pumpkin spice granola I made yesterday

C is for currently craving: Dinner. Anything. A large pile of grilled vegetables. (Onion, squash, and eggplant in the oven)

D is for dinner tonight: Going off of above: grilled/broiled vegetables, remaining ravioli from my “Dinner Tonight/Dinner Tomorrow” selection from Olive Garden, along with some teriyaki tofu I picked up at the farmer’s market

E is for favorite type of exercise: Running.  Since I started running in high school, I have found there is no turning back. I know biking and swimming is good cross-training, but I don’t get the same feeling or high from exercise. If only my body was a little more bionic 🙂

F is for irrational fear: I don’t really like to share fears, mostly because they are different than the ones that most people have.  Things like not wanting to end up alone with a house full of dogs (not that dogs are a problem).  But I like to think everything happens for a reason, so the only thing to do in life is to stay positive and make the most of your opportunities.

G is for gross food: Olives, calamari, and mushrooms.  I can sort of deal with the last one, but anything slimy and chewy, or even looking back at me…get it away from me. Now.

H is for hometown: La Canada, California.  Based on how well you know California, I have to alter my story (L.A., Pasadena, etc.)

I is for something important: Friends.  I have found (and am still finding) that having 10-20 doesn’t matter but having at least three solid people who care about you, is all that matters.

J is for current favorite jam: Mmmmm, any sort of berry.  I don’t think I have ever had huckleberry, but I sure do like raspberry and blackberry.  My favorite is to put a dollop in my greek yogurt or celery dipped in peanut butter and jelly. A childhood favorite without the bread.

K is for kids: Love ’em, but not for awhile.  Grew up with some excellent parents, grandparents, and aunts/uncles for role models so would love to take some of their parenting abilities into my own life some day.

L is for current location: Santa Clara, California

M is for the most recent way you spent money: Groceries and a heaping bag of vegetables at one of the local farmer’s markets.  But I foresee myself spending some at the outlets in Gilroy next weekend. JCrew and Nike, here I come!

N is for something you need: A daily dose of exercise and human interaction. 

O is for occupation: Student, aspiring account executive, blogger, maybe food entrepreneur.

P is for pet peeve: People being exclusive or talking about their plans in front of you.

Q is for a quote: “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” ― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

R is for random fact about you: I lived in the United Kingdom for almost three years when I was a baby. So I have essentially been to every place in the UK, but don’t recall any of it.  Guess I’ll have to do it again.

S is for favorite healthy snack: Celery with sunflower seed butter (if it’s in the house), crisp grapes, or some Fuji apple slices

T is for favorite treat: The word “treat” always makes me think of dessert, so I’ll stick with a healthy scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or frozen yogurt.  Otherwise, a nice run with a friend and a pumpkin smoothie or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drink to refuel (ALMOST HOME TO CBTL!!!! 6 days, but who is counting?)

U is for something that makes you unique: I have a crazy ability to recall birthdays, likes/dislikes, etc. about people.  I like to make people happy, because in the end, it makes me happy.

V is for favorite vegetable: Goodness, I used to not eat many vegetables, but now is a different story.  I am addicted to the following (sorry, can’t pick just one): eggplant, sweet potato, brussel sprouts, asparagus, artichoke, squash

W is for today’s workout: Running in the beautiful Santa Clara/San Jose area (not…sarcasm) for about 4.75 miles, some elliptical time, core, weights.  Usually I like to go to the gym in the morning when there is no one there, but since I decided to sleep in, it had to be an evening trip.  It was indeed hilarious to see all the freshmen boys trying to beef up and out-lift each other.

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Oh goodness, I have never broken any bones (knock on wood), but have had some for different things such as bronchitis and such.  Does that count?  It’s fun stuff, I know.

Y is for yesterday’s highlights: Well, I blogged about my weekend yesterday, but I went to Olive Garden for the first time and was a trooper about ordering pasta.  Usually, I’m not such a fan of many pastas and let’s just say I can be pretty picky about it.  But, I went in and was pleasantly surprised. The spaghetti was similar to our Fuelling mix up at Mammoth after a long day of skiing.  But, it was a trip indeed.  Thank you to Liz and Katie for the introduction.

Z is for your time zone: Pacific (for the win!) Got to love the West Coast 🙂

What about you? What part of the alphabet can you relate to or makes you unique? SO excited for Friday 🙂 Stayed tuned to find out why! (Besides it being the start of break, of course)

“Success is blocked by concentrating on it and planning for it.…Success is shy — it won’t come out while you’re watching.”
– Tennessee Williams

5 thoughts on “Preguntas Part 1

  1. Oh wow you’ve never been to Olive Garden? It’s SO good! Mostly just the breadsticks… I usually fill up on those before I even get to dinner. And the part about crisp grapes… oh man you’re fueling my addiction here! I go through more grapes than I’m willing to admit in a week 🙂

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