Rendering Resolutions

By now I am sure millions of people have created their 2013 New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, become a better person, join a gym, spend less money, etc.   Well, I would like to create some goals that I can actually keep and by writing them down (quite publicly at that), I think I will be more inclined to keep them.  After all, all those magazines do recommend sharing them with someone.  I’m not sure they had in mind the entire world wide web, but that’s another thing.  Welcome to the Millennial Generation. Continue reading

Whirlwind Holiday Adventures

Well it certainly has been awhile since I last posted.  Usually I try to write “after-the-fact” posts where I make it seem like I actually wrote something each day and change the date published to a few days previously or even stack up posts in advanced.  Yeah, that’s not happening.

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WIAW #20 – Junk in ‘Da Trunk

I hope everyone had a FABULOUS Christmas and are recovering from the food overload 😉 Ok, a few last splurges before we bring out those New Year’s Resolutions lists.  What Meghan and I are most proud of the fact that we have crossed off about 5 food items on our to-do lists.  Additionally, we have accomplished four Pinterest recipes in the last two days.  Nice, right? I mean, those pins shouldn’t have to sit there forever.

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The past week I have tried to be extremely helpful.  This means running errands, wrapping gifts, you name it.  I also will accomplish pretty much any errand for some cash as I am slightly panicked by my credit card bill.

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Holiday Scones – Cranberry Edition

I hope y’all enjoyed the end of the world and are recovering nicely today 🙂 Here’s a recap of how I celebrated yesterday.  A run with an old friend, some blog reading, and breakfast.  I then stopped off by my mom’s 4th grade class to talk about my study abroad experience in Spain and share some churros and chocolate.  Let me rephrase this. Continue reading