Anacapa Recapped

Yesterday’s trip to one of the Channel Islands was absolutely delightful! It’s one of those things where California has so many wonderful trips, state parks, and hole in the wall joints, yet I never seem to make time for them.  My grandma is completely into planning trips and adventuring out into the unknown.  God love her.  She signed up through the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens, but it would be just as easy to go through Island Packers.  The boat departed from Oxnard around 9:15 and arrived back at shore around 4:30ish.  In between included whale sightings, sea gull encounters (not kidding, there must have been hundreds on that tiny island), a shipwreck site, and a few miles of trails. Continue reading


Slightly excited.  Ok, really excited. What’s surreal is that this is my last official break from school before graduation and I enter the ominous “real world.” More on that to come soon.

There were some slight change of plans from what I originally had planned for this break.  Originally I was supposed to be in Sonoma at a cheese festival and wine tasting with some high school girl friends.  Shuffle the dice and now I’m at home.  No, I was not flying myself out to Cabo like a large majority of the Santa Clara campus.  Yikes, that will be one interesting college reunion out there.

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