Slightly excited.  Ok, really excited. What’s surreal is that this is my last official break from school before graduation and I enter the ominous “real world.” More on that to come soon.

There were some slight change of plans from what I originally had planned for this break.  Originally I was supposed to be in Sonoma at a cheese festival and wine tasting with some high school girl friends.  Shuffle the dice and now I’m at home.  No, I was not flying myself out to Cabo like a large majority of the Santa Clara campus.  Yikes, that will be one interesting college reunion out there.


After driving down the beautiful 5 freeway, I had a quick break at home with the Moto man and some March Madness basketball (my brackets are officially destroyed thanks to Gonzaga, Georgetown, La Salle, and Harvard), then onward to CMC to visit my sister and her friends.  We went to the village for dinner, which is absolutely ADORABLE! There are so many places I could blog about or just wander through, alas there wasn’t much time. I had cut the timing a bit close (thanks L.A. traffic) and we were starving.  We met up with her track teammates for dinner at the Back Abbey, a sort of gaustropub with fabulous burgers and a hefty list of beers.  Though I have said I don’t like beer, I’ve decided I want to sample more varieties, just to be knowledgable about it.  

It’s arranged as a seat-yourself restaurant with wooden tables inside and outside along with a few couches and heat lamps.  We waited outside for about 30 minutes until a party left and we could fit our party of 6.  It was perfect for a warm(ish) spring night and would be fabulous during the summer for a nighttime beer and a burger.  I skipped out on the beer this time, but was attracted to the goblets, so that may have to be a priority for the next trip to Claremont. 🙂  In terms of food, I’ve been working on ordering what I want rather than guilting myself into what looks the healthiest.

The Back Abbey Burger

Result?  The juiciest 6oz medium rare burger filled with havarti, crisp bacon, and grilled onions on a doughy brioche bun that seemed to melt in my mouth.  Oh my god, it was heaven.  I would take a juicy burger over the flimsy In-N-Out patty any day.  Sorry In-N-Out lovers.


After dinner, we went out to hang with the cross-country and track team and I got to experience CMC’s nightlife.  I love meeting new people and it was quite funny to see how they do things down there.   What I loved most was how close everyone on the team is and how funny they can be.


I did get quite a few stares because Meghan and I look so similar.   People would come up and ask “oh are you Meghan’s sister?”  No, I’m just some clone that appeared.  Just kidding, it made it nicer because then I really wasn’t a random person showing up at a CMC party. I’m slightly jealous how Meghan has a built-in atmosphere of friends, but each of us takes a different road.


This morning, I drove home, went on a walk with Madre and Moto, made some paleo pancakes, and went to church where we listened to a sermon on redemption. You know, I really enjoyed this service and believe there are ways to start new every day.  Every day and everything we encounter is simply a learning experience.


Now off to 18 holes with Padre at Oakmont, then dinner with the parents and my aunt and uncle.  Ah, I’ve also decided that this week will be about relaxing (a foreign word in my dictionary) and if I don’t accomplish a laundry list of items, it’s a-ok.  I would however like to catch up on some movies (mostly older ones) that are considered classics, yet I have never seen.  I’m sick of people saying, “have you seen this?” No.  Let’s just say I lived under a rock as a child.  Ok, not really, but it’s time to get this movication started. 😉 Any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “SPRING BREAK ’13 HAS ARRIVED

  1. Sometimes spring breaks like that are the most memorable. You’ll be happy you spent your last spring break with family. I can’t wait to hear about the “real world” soon 🙂 I foresee lots of foodie trips happening in the near future. Going to visit other schools and meeting different friend groups is always really interesting to see how they interact compared to your own life. I think it’s awesome that you and your sister get along so well. I hope that when my brother goes off to school we’ll have a similar relationship.

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