Running Boston

A few people thought that from my Instagram posts, that I was running the Boston Marathon last week.  No, I just happened to be in the city on Friday and Sunday and was able to enjoy the festivities.  There is something magical about being in the city during this race weekend that makes you want to run a marathon.  Folks, that’s months of training, maybe even years of training and even a bit of pure luck if you can get into the Boston Marathon.  Sure, it may be a crazy dream but I would love to run it one day.



Back when I started to run cross country, I just wanted to place for my team.  Later on I happened to be one of the faster runners but that’s not really saying much for our division.  I also managed to graduate right before my sister and her teammates annihilated each and every one of my times.

In college I ran for fun and I started to get more competitive.  I ran a number of half marathons, just with basic road running as my training.  No diet adjustment, no strength workouts, and no speed training.  Then I joined November Project and started to think about running a marathon.  So many other people do it, why can’t I?  Certainly I could break 4 hours.  But what about qualifying for Boston?  It seemed that if I didn’t run fast enough, I wouldn’t be a worthy runner.  That’s 1) not true and 2) who knows what the future holds.  Running is competitive but should also be about celebrating everyone that is out there pushing their limits.


As you may pick up from my pictures, I’m not exactly built with the typical slim-speedy-marathoner body.  Even if I were to stop eating my mug cakes (probably should do that anyways) and clean out my diet (which is already filled with vegetables soooo sugar is the remaining culprit), I don’t think I’ll ever look like Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan.  I still want to run a marathon and I still want to run Boston.



So now, with that all in mind, let me take you through some Boston moments as seen by yours truly prior to the 2015 Boston Marathon.

IMG_9332Blue and yellow adorned almost every building near the finish line (and the church).  There were flower beds filled with blue and yellow colors, tulips, and so much more.


As seen on my run to NP Boston (Summit Ave hills).  Aren’t these adorable?  I almost fell in love with the town, enough to consider living there one day.  But then I realized I couldn’t survive the winters.  Not by a long shot.


While the trip to Boston had been planned a few months back, I was able to arrive on Thursday night, perfect for a quick jog around town and November Project workout on Friday morning.  I even happened to run (literally) into my NP_NYC friends Brian and Mary, both of whom were running in Monday’s race!

IMG_6761IMG_6760Groups upon groups of people out and about, running the course, running through parks, and soaking up all that sunshine.


Even Mrs. Mallard took her little ducklings out for a shake-out run prior to the marathon.   Aren’t they adorable with their little spring hats?


Then there was the actual running and viewing of the marathon itself.  I had a few friends lined up to race and decided to watch and track them online.  BAA had this amazing little setup where you could track the runners and their various paces throughout the entire course!  They even had little running figures map out where exactly each runner was.  Nifty, right?


Each one of them (and the thousands of others) crushed it.  I really was quite in awe of so many people running their hearts out.  A special shout-out to my family friend Mia who ended up running 3:25 and is a truly awesome person.  Well deserved!

Of course following any large sporting event, there are articles, slideshows, and interviews with the top names.  The other day I read Shalane’s take on her race and something she said really resonated with me.

What goes through your head? When a race is going so wrong, why keep going?

SF: In life you can’t expect everything to go your way, every single timeYou never know what’s going to happen up front sometimes when there’s a battle going on—sometimes they come back your way. 


Running has truly become an identity and a best friend.  I love the feeling of running a race and the excitement from all the runners around you. I love talking about training (or at least getting ideas about training since mine is often called “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants”) and I love that feeling of accomplishment you get after working out.  Call me crazy, that’s fine, but it’s a lifestyle and I love it.

Happy Birthday to the Bodie Man!

happy birthday to the main guy in my life 😉 you are one of a kind (yes, I am writing to our family dog as if he would read this.  my family jokes that he has some wicked computer satellite set up somewhere, communicating with all his friends and admirers)


we lucked out with such a perfect pup.  (after the 3+ times that you decided to chew through the electrical wires. this is possibly why you have always been so mellow)


oh moto, you think that every single stuffed animal is yours…well I guess since you are the lone child living at home, you can rule the roost

IMG_2829 the extent of your desire to go swimming – a nice little bounce in the pool.  I promise I won’t throw you in anymore

IMG_8907different year, different toys, same lovable face

IMG_2466 from hiking to the top of mammoth mountain to leading the pack on the trails at home


we love you so

IMG_2527 and of course a special shout out to your sister Lily too 🙂
happy birthday

Save Our Earth


Nature comes in all shapes and sizes.  For some, it’s the trees outside their apartment or the plant they may or may not remember to water.  It could be the flowers peeking through the snow on the east river trail or a reservoir in the park.  To others, it’s vast lakes and rivers, coastlines and mountains.

photo 2

Growing up, I took for granted the weekend trips to the beach, weeks we spent skiing or hiking in Mammoth Mountain, and all the other glorious trips I spent outdoors.  Despite the fact that I live and work relatively near Central Park, I don’t have the opportunity to immerse myself outside as much as I used to.


~ Los Angeles may be overly smoggy, but on a fine day, you can spot the Pacific Ocean out in the distance.  This is one of my favorite hikes back home, an easy 3 mile jaunt, perfect for catching up with friends or getting rid of stress after work. ~


IMG_8778~ Even the snowy reservoir provides a slight escape from the hustle and bustle of the city ~


So today, on Earth Day, take a moment to appreciate the world around you.  Think about how we can make it a better place for the present as well as the future.


For more information and events, check out the Nature Conservancy at today.

Life of Late ~ 4.17.15

Bienvenidos a viernes (Friday).  I decided that I miss listening to the Spanish language and have started to listen to ESPN deportes at work.  I never am really able to listen to TV shows or music for fear what I hear actually makes it into emails.  ESPN deportes works because I don’t really follow that closely and honestly can’t understand it that much anymore.   Maybe it’ll be the kickstart I need to practicing again.  Anyways, another week bites the dust!

Did anyone watch the Masters?  Jordan Speith?  One class act, that’s for sure.  Even watching him clap for the crowds, hug his family, and interview on countless shows after the tournament, it was amazing.  One of my favorites was from the Today Show and I don’t think anyone can say enough kind things about this emerging golfer.  Amazing job Jordan!

IMG_9146Recap from the Scotland Run 10k a few weeks back!  What a good looking turnout right?  This was on Saturday of Easter weekend, so after a nice run around Central Park, green juice and brunch, it was off to Philly/New Jersey for Easter.  Fun fact: This picture not only made my instagram feed (duh #instagrameverything) but was the main #RunforJuice Juice Press Instagram!


~ This was the shirt for the Scotland Run.  Those legs.  I think we might have the same genetics.  #scotlandlegs ~  


 ~ NYRunning Company’s Monday Night Run Club “Sexy Pace” ~

I really planned to swim on Monday but when you arrive on the pool deck and your swim cap snaps, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  So lucky for me, NYRunning Company is located in my building and I could swing down after work for a quick jaunt.  Well, a jaunt turned into a speedworkout.  I decided to keep up with one of the guys who actually was just doing a shake out.  Is it sad that his shakeout pace was my “oh dear lord just keep up” pace?  Kidding.  Maybe.  Anyways, it’s great to have so many people to help push your limits and help you improve.


 ~ “You don’t have to be fast. But you’d better be fearless” – Christopher McDougall ~

On Wednesday, November Project was graced by the presence of Christopher McDougall, writer of “Born to Run“.  McDougall has since written and released his next book “Natural Born Heroes“, which encourages people to get out and move more outside (think outside the confines of your cubicle and gym…novel concept as I sit on my rear typing right now)

But anyways, I was able to meet him at the 6:28 workout and just rambled when I asked to take a picture with him.  It didn’t happen if I didn’t document it, right? (wrong but whatever).  That afternoon/evening, I went to an event put on by Back on My Feet, where McDougall led a group run and then held a book signing.  I loved hearing him speak and he brought up a few good points:

  1. Sitting is the new smoking – Not quoted from him (rather it was Runner’s World) but true all the same.  We have become so much more sedentary and it’s scary how much this is affecting our bodies.
  2. Be useful – Useful can mean different things to different people, so it’s all about how you define being “useful”.   Is what you are doing in your life useful?  Is the food that you eat useful to your health or your happiness?  Is the workout helpful to your life?  Are you useful within the organizations or your job?

So basically if my life isn’t centered around running already, let’s just add a little bit more focus shall we. (my legs may be a little angry with me right now from all the running this week)

IMG_9240 ~ Celebrating the lovely Emily + Jeanne + Sam’s birthdays.  So, we do like to work hard and play hard.  We also do enjoy getting dressed up like normal people.  Most of the time. ~ 


“My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place.  And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that” – Alice in Wonderland

Lilly Pulitzer Love and Chaos

Confession: I woke up early to attend the NYC’s opening of the Lilly Pulitzer Target line at Bryant Park. Ok, not super early, just my normal 6:20 alarm but still.  Woke up to stand in line.  Some people arrived at 5am.


Confession: I waited in line for 75 minutes with tons of girls who looked oh “so New York/East Coast”.  Most of them were dolled up and some decked out in Lilly gear head to toe (as if that helped you move up in line…not).  You had pearls, Sperrys, designer sunglasses (at 7:30am), Tory Burch flats, and Louis V purses.  (guilty on the Sperrys but not guilty on the vast amount of makeup some had on).   I felt a little out of place.


~ It was actually more fun to see some of the artists painting Lilly prints than standing in line waiting for the mad dash into the store. ~

Confession: I have a love/hate relationship with brands.  I love Lilly and Tory Burch and Kate Spade.  I love the bright colors and unique patterns, but so many are one of a kind outfits and I never really have the forethought or desire to put all of it together.  Let’s just say style has never been my “thing”.  Honestly, I tend to roll in with the “California casual” as my go-to style.  That or relying on the “I just worked out” look.  Hence why all my pictures lately seem to be me running around (literally).


Confession: We didn’t actually make it into the Lilly store.  By the time we would have crossed the threshold, it would have been 9am and about 30 minutes past the time I should be at my desk.  Rumor was that items were flying off the shelves and being snatched out of the assistant’s hands.  I have a strong feeling that people will be ready and armed with their credit cards on Sunday morning, grabbing every single item  and immediately re-selling them online for a profit.

IMG_9312Realization: the other side of Bryant Park is where the fun is really at.  They had/have (from 8am-6pm) a huge area filled with hammocks, chairs to relax in, free manicures with Lilly Pulitzer-Essie polish, and a free juice bar.  What we really should have done was just arrive to soak up that experience and leave the shopping to another time (or to people who don’t seem to have work and can stand in line all day).  But still glad I stopped by because only in New York.


Confession: This dress is still on my mind.  Fingers crossed my mom is or I am able to find one at a Target and that it actually fits.  Rumor is that the sizing is a bit out of whack, but that’s what you get for cheaper material and cheaper prices.  First world problems.

Are you a Lilly Pulitzer fan?  Did you (would you?) brave the masses for Bryant Park?

Heartbreak In Boston

I have been a runner for about 10 years now and the meaning of running and community has never been more clear. Today is unique. I don’t want to say memorable or special because that somehow comes off differently than I would like. I have never run Boston and like many other runners, dream of doing so one day. This post was written by a friend of mine from November Project and it speaks to the thoughts and feelings that occurred on this day two years ago, as well as the thoughts we all have today.

What I have learned to appreciate, is that we are all runners, no matter the speed, and we are in this together. Here’s to Boston, here’s to running, and here’s to achieving the impossible.

keep running / keep writing

I knew shipping up to Boston to watch my very first Marathon Monday would be memorable. I knew I would feel inspired by the thousands of runners competing in a race that, to many (including myself), represents the unattainable. I knew I’d likely shed a few tears as I cheered on my friends (and total strangers) along the way, trying to give them an extra push of encouragement toward the finish line. And I knew, at the end of the day, there would be a story worth telling. But never in a million years did I know it would be a story of grief, chaos, and heartbreak.

After reading many first-hand accounts of yesterday’s tragic events at the Boston Marathon, I confess mine is not a terribly unique story to share here — for which I feel incredibly grateful and lucky. All of my heart, my thoughts, and my…

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