Life of Late ~ 1.29.16

Happy last Friday of the month!  Very original start, I know but here we are one month into 2016 and how’s it looking for you?  Those resolutions still on track? 😉 Well, thankfully with February 1st on Monday, there’s a chance to reboot and refocus (I’d like to spend less time on my phone and be more present!).  Here are some of my favorites so far.


(photo creds to Matt Powers – November Project)

Also, with Groundhog Day on Tuesday, you can really hone in  whether you have an addition 6 weeks to work on that summer bikini body.  Just kidding.  Sort of.


^^ Best.Saturday.Schedule.  Running (or working out in some form) and then popping by a Juicepress (or two), and brunch with friends.  Now I’m normally not a beet fan, but this juice has me hooked.  I think it has to do with the ginger and lemon combo, something to make it so scrumptious. (now how often do you hear that about a juice?)

The North Face ~ “North Face Ultrarunner Stephanie Howe Talks Acceptance and Healing Post Injury” ~ Reassuring to know that we all go through these times.

Well Blogs : The New York Times ~ “A Personalized Diet is Better to Suit You” ~

Well + Good ~ “Why BFF Time Can Make Your a Whole Lot Happier” ~ Good sweats, good eats, good company and I’m SOLD!


^^ Exploring one of the best vietnamese joints – Lucy’s – in Brooklyn with Marnie and Lindsay 🙂  You really do only have two or three choices between the banh mi and pho but oh the love they put into those dishes.  I went with the brisket pho, sub out noodles and add extra bok choy.  Mmmmm delish and oh so filling when it was starting to get chilly outside.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 4.57.55 PM

Look where I’ll be in 5 years!  Sure, these quizzes are just about as spot on as the horoscopes in the free AMNY subway newspaper but hey, it makes sense.

Zanita ~ “Reminders When You Are Having a Bad Day” ~ Some are cliche, but go with it.  So true.

Refinery 29 ~ “I Quit Drinking Coffee for a Month and Here’s What Happened” ~ Sold.

Well + Good ~ “This is what happens when you eat 40 teaspoons of sugar a day” ~ Yikes. That’s all folks.


MY NEW FAVORITE RESTAURANT.  A couple of friends and I were on our way to the Justin Bieber dance class when we happened to pass Tacombi in Flatiron.  We only had a hot second to eat dinner before dancing the night away and this couldn’t have been more perfect.  Tacos + guacamole + horchata oh my.


^^ Serious flavor packed into that meat and the atmosphere was casual and so inviting.  I asked for the meat with no tortillas (not much of a fan of corn tortillas and this whole “whole30” thing going on…ok horchata was a cheat treat) and the waitress replied “I’ll see what I can do but the kitchen runs us, not the other way around”.  I just laughed because that’s a great answer.  The kitchen was kind and did serve sans tortillas though 🙂


^^ Appreciating the view as I sprinted down the East River Path and trying my best to keep up with my friend Marnie.  She is training for the Boston Marathon and I offered to join the last 7 miles (at 8min) pace of her run.  Well, things don’t always turn out as planned and we ended up doing 8 miles at 7:40 pace.  I was cursing to myself most of the way down as it was 20F (feels like 11) and I was dressed like a marshmallow.  But, if I can run like that and dressed like a marshmallow, should be good for the next half in Phoenix, right?


^^ Eating the rainbow at the local Sweetgreen.  Whenever I bring my meals to work, I’m able to keep up with the whole30 program but eating out can be somewhat of a pain, especially when all you want is avocado toast.  Thankfully Sweetgreen has oodles of options (often on the pricier side) and some of the freshest ingredients!


^^ This is why I feel the need to get off my phone more.  I got on the subway and saw every.single.person on his or her phone.  No, people don’t normally chat on the subway but this is just a condensed example of how every other aspect of life seems to be.  GET OFF YOUR PHONES PEOPLE (yes, I was on my phone to take this…besides the point)


^^ Just me and my desire to make the perfect snow angel before hibernating during Blizzard Jonas.  Good times.


Peace out friends.

“Do What You Love & Love What You Do”

The Blizzard Named Jonas

Last Saturday we had a nice little visit from the one and only Blizzard Jonas.  I have had my fair share of storms out in Mammoth Lakes/Mammoth Mountain, California and one or two snow storms here in the city.  But never have I been caught in such a blizzard!


So let’s rewind a few days and start on Friday.  Lucky for me, the November Project workout was located a mere 10 minute jog to Union Square.  There we spent about 20+ minutes running around the park, doing burpees, step-ups, and dips.  Work was work and most of the folks were chatting about the impending storm.  Everyone was throwing around bets if it would actually turn out to be a bad storm.  Last year’s so-called blizzard ended up being a bust, so no one was really sure what to think.  Well, we were all in for a surprise.  The predicted 12-18 inches turned into 24-30 and this blizzard missed being ranked #1 by a mere 1/10 of an inch!

IMG_8317 IMG_8318 ^^ Saturday morning I woke up and was about ready to leave for the gym (running in a storm? no thank you, I’m not that crazy) when I turned on the news and saw the reports of MTA possibly being shut down and the vast amount of snow that had accumulated.  Between the news and the fact that the wind was whipping outside our windows made me re-think my plans and I settled into watching the news and eating breakfast.  (oh and a nice little encouragement from a friend to be logical and stay inside)  It would have been fine if I made it to the gym but the prospect of walking back if the subway really did shut did not sound enticing.

IMG_8319 IMG_8320 IMG_8328 IMG_4859^^ After about four hours of being cooped up and two movies later, we decided to take a walk.  The wind had somewhat settled and we were feeling the effects of being cooped up.  Goodness I truly feel for the people who have storms like this all.winter.long.  Well, by 2:30 all cars were required to be off the road and all the stores were closed.


The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent watching more movies and television shows (thank you Netflix), a mini workout, and an early bed.  Some of my friends were out at the bars buuuuut I didn’t have any desire to venture out into the wind.

IMG_4871 ^^ Sunday morning was absolutely gorgeous!  The sun was out, the snow was somewhat crisp, and Central Park was FILLED with people.  I swear I have never seen so many children and families in one place – most of which were all sledding down random hills throughout the park.  I ran a loop with one of my friends (faster than I had anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise, especially with the snow), and then met up for a few Cat Hill repeats with the rest of the girls above.

IMG_4876 ^^ The morning (or rather afternoon by the time we sat down) wouldn’t have been complete without a nice little brunch.  I took a mini oops or hiatus from whole 30 because I was craving avocado toast so darn much.  Sure, there was chia pudding, but after eating it all week, I wasn’t really in the mood.  I have noticed some positive effects but it’s sure tough to implement outside of your own kitchen!  More on that to come, but here’s to Blizzard Jonas – sorry you didn’t make it to #1 but it was a storm for the records, that’s for sure.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”  John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

That Juicepress Life

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may have caught onto my weekly Saturday routine.  It starts with a run (or workout depending on weather) and a picture posted with some fun hashtags (though all my hashtags are fun) including #willrunforjuice, #jprunclub, and #juicepress.  Then I usually find my way to one of the various Juicepress locations around the city to pick up my free juice.


^^ Rain or shine, I’ve got Juicepress on my mind 😉

People, these things usually cost $10+ dollars and for simply promoting the product through social media, I get to pick one out for FREE!  They’ve gotten stricter over time and now require you to post the picture at least 30 minutes prior to entering the store, but for someone who is up and at ’em early anyways, it’s no problem.  Also, if you think about it, the fact that we have to promote the picture and hashtag is practically organic advertising.



^^ I don’t always consume beets, but when I do, it’s mixed with a lot of other things…especially ginger and lemon

IMG_0367^^ Their smoothies aren’t half bad either.  This may have been the Green Light – filled with banana, kale, coconut water, etc.  What I HIGHLY recommend is the Cold Brew Smoothie + Almond Butter.  Noms to the max.



^^ Also a huge fan of their pre-packaged smoothies, most of which make for a perfect recovery meal – look for the ones with the least amount of sugar and added bonus of nut butter!   If you get into the habit of going every week, it’s easy enough to test a different juice out every time and work your way through the store without breaking the bank.  Of course, there are days where I do feel obligated to give back and I purchase a juice or two extra to sip throughout the week.

So, this Juicepress habit of mine.  When a friend sent me an email about a seminar filled with lots of health and wellness talk PLUS a goodie bag, I was all in.  Not to mention it was at the Juicepress close to my apartment, so there was practically no excuse.


We arrived to a room filled with chairs and goody bags such as the one above.  We ultimately had way too many people in too small of a room, but that’s just typical New York for ya.  So step one, rifle through the bag to see what swag was included.


^^ Yes.  We are totally off to an excellent start.


^^ Next up, how many juices can we fit in our pockets and purses before the Juicepress folks notice?  #sorrynotsorry


^^ A little bit of hummus and avocado toast (unfortunately not whole30 approved but oh so pretty looking).  I also missed out on that water game but hear the rose water was fabulous.  You know, paying for all those health benefits.


^^ DESSERT PLATTER made up of raw chocolate and various nutty ball creations.  Ok, not exactly whole30 approved but I did slip and test out one of the sesame balls.  I chocked it up to a nut butter protein snack.


^^ A full look at all the goodies.  Juicepress is all about the healthy lifestyle so that includes plenty of workout coupons including pilates, yoga, a fhitting room discount and SOULCYCLE.  Winning.


^^ Oh and I’m that blonde girl in the middle! #famous 😉

So now onto the actual reason that people came.  We spent the next hour or so listening to a solid panel about juicing and health and wellness.  Listening to Marcus – the founder – was actually quite interesting and shared a little bit about his “food journey”.  The message that really resonated with me was that his goal was to find purpose in his work, find a way to help people and to do that through food.  Everyone has a food story – whether it’s good, bad, recovering, or therapeutic.

It’s not what you take in, but what you leave out” (quoted about juice and lifestyle choices, but could really be applied to everything in life).  You are more likely to operate better with good fuel in your body than crap.  Also, focus less on what you don’t have control over and more on what you do have control over.

We heard from Dr. Berzin, founder of Parsley Health, and she spoke a lot about functional medicine.  She emphasized the idea that food is at the center of everything – what you put in your body affects how you age, how you function on a daily basis, how you heal, and ultimately how you live.


Everyone even touched upon the question of juice cleanses and their responses were great – you aren’t supposed to go on a juice cleanse to lose weight because let’s be honest, anyone can lose weight if you stop eating.  BUT, it’s all about clearing your system of JUNK and if juicing helps you do that, then test it out.  Every person is different and each body will react differently to food trends and diets and programs.  The key is to listen to your body and YOU DO YOU.

What’s your take on juices?  Any favorites?

Life of Late ~ 1.22.16

Quite possibly my favorite posts to write because it entails me dropping a few too many pictures into a post and writing up every random thought I have at that moment in time.  Well, it’s also a way to share with the fam what I’m actually up to and so everyone here gets to enjoy it as well 😉  We’re past the halfway point in January and (knock on wood) it hasn’t been too cold or too snowy! (and because this was pre-written I cursed myself with an impending storm tomorrow…good job).


^^ Stopped by the Brooklyn Lululemon Run Club and sooo glad I did.  The girls were great, helped push my pace, and I got to explore a new part of town.  I hate to write this, but I’ve grown a little tired of Central Park, the hills, and not enough people to run with.  I seem to fall into this weird place running wise – right in between pace groups.


^^ Well, any day (Saturday especially) is made better with a trip to Juicepress.  This shake is quite possibly perfection for post-workout.  I do believe Jackie’s Cold-Brew Warrior (something or other) with almond butter was on par, but she had to pay for that one.

Backpost ~ “52 Magical Places You and Your Dog Need to Visit in 2016” – Luckily I’ve checked a few places off the list, but still, maybe I should find a furry companion 😉

The Peanut Butter Lover ~ “2016: The Year I Stop Subconsciously Scrolling” ~ Goals. But really.

Vermilion Roots ~ “Breakfasts from Around the World” ~ I could take those spinach and eggs any day! Or the dosa. Or the acai bowl. Or the puff pastry with cream cheese and guava paste.  I like how those move downwards on the health train.


^^ view from Monday’s run along the East River Path

As a matter of fact, the city actually had its first snowfall last Sunday and of course I was not prepared in the slightest.  I had slept in, started my laundry and read the NYTimes at Starbucks all by 11 and as I was getting ready to go to spin with some NP folks, I decided the sun meant it was warm and I would wear capris.  Bad news bears.  Everything was fine since the spin class was inside (duh) but later on, after leaving the movies (Bridge of Spies – decent flick nominated and worth a go), the snow was really coming down and I was not as happy of a camper then.  Ah well, live and learn.


^^ These amazing folks joined me for a sweaty session and we even lucked out and had Kelly Ripa in our presence!  Yep, the queen of Soul herself, crushing it on those bounces.


^^ See, we actually like to do other things than just run, ok?  This was take #2 of Justin Bieber’s Sorry class and we even got one of the guys to tag along.  He actually was a trooper for dancing it out, but hey, who would turn down a night with at least 20+ lovely ladies? 😉

It’s hilarious that we all know the dance moves because whenever we hear it (Brother Jimmy’s bar as one example), we drop everything and start strutting around.  I thought it would be a hoot if I showed my new dance moves to my new friends in Brooklyn last weekend, but judging as they were talking about the presidential debate and Bernie Sanders, I decided otherwise.


^^ All about that sass and yes, I may be wearing the same outfit as above.  Don’t worry Mom, I washed it.

LinkedIn ~ “4 Lessons from 2015” ~ Love that the first one is about finding your tribe.  Also, brilliance is in point 3 >> “live patience”

A Dash of Cinema ~ “At the Dinner Table for One” ~ I know so many articles are telling us to find other means of motivation and connection besides food, but the dinner table and tradition has such a warm feeling about it, don’t you agree?  Our “dinner table” is usually the couch in front of the TV (we are oh so social) but thinking back to Downton Abbey days or even a nice Sunday night meal at home makes me smile.



^^ For now, let’s work to live.  A last minute invite to the work suite and boy was it sweet.


^^ On a not so happy note, as many of you might have seen, we had quite a few deaths in society last week.  On Monday it was announced that Glenn Frey – one of the founding members of the Eagles, passed away.  This one was a little harder to grasp since they were my parent’s favorite and as a result, we spent our fair share of time listening to their albums.

CNN ~ “Jaded, numb, and bickering: Travel blogging couple reveal pain behind perfect photos” ~ Proof that Instagram (and social media) isn’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Duly Noted ~ “I Should Be Engaged” ~ My friend posted this along with the following: Wow, this is fantastic. Embrace each moment. Or like my grandma always says, “Be here now.” Don’t get so caught in the future or past to miss the present. This is a great goal for 2016! 👌   I couldn’t have said it any better.


^^ Oh and run for life.  Shared from Ali’s site because it’s more fun running and taking pictures in groups, right? I may have planned my outfit for this run and since it’s on the world wide web, that means #famousforlife 😉

running in a storm

What’s on tap for your weekend??  Northeast folks, brace yourself for the storm!!  

Those New York Eats ~ Part 1

One of the best parts about living in New York is the wide array of food that surrounds you.  Here I am catching up on some of the clutch eats surrounding me in the city.  Many of these pictures have just been sitting around in a draft post (or realistically my iPhoto) waiting to be dropped into a lovely post such as this.  That being said, many of them are from months ago during the warmer days and non-whole30 experiment.  Still, plenty of fun to share 🙂



 Joe Coffee
~ Lexington (UES) ~ Union Square ~ West Village ~ Chelsea ~ Columbia ~ Upper West ~
Iced cold brew latte w/ cherry scone (or a cinnamon chocolate chip scone)



And if you are feeling a little too healthy with that vegan fresh pressed juice that could cost an arm and a leg, follow it up with some solid sugary fried dough 😉

IMG_0332 IMG_0335

The Donut Pub
203 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011
(212) 929-0126

~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~


IMG_4656^^ Famous bone broth from brodo down in the East Village.  I was on my way home from a run (and Juicepress adventure) and decided to take a plunge and test it out.  Ordering from the menu is simple – which type of mix-ins would you like in your broth?  I went for the “marco” or broth with tumeric and ginger since those have apparently good anti-inflammatory powers.  To be honest, it was tasty but I’m not sure if I could afford the $8ish 10oz snack every day.


Grimaldi’s Pizza
1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY ~ (718) 858-4300
M-Th: 11:30-10:45 pm; Fri: 11:30-11:45 pm; Sat: 12:00-11:45 pm; Sun: 12:00-10:45 pm

Again, pairing all love of foods together.  Some claim Grimaldi’s is THE BEST.  I think to be fair, one would have to order all of the pizzas, line them up and do a taste test.  But, then it ruins the experience if one pie is better inside the restaurant versus takeout.  Anyways, for more pizza joints to check out, here is one versions of the “Most Amazing Slices in NYC“.


Pure Thai Cookhouse
766 9th Avenue #2, New York, NY 10019 (52nd/9th)
(212) 581-0999

Thai is not always my jam, probably because I haven’t really had a solid Thai outing, until this.  Noodles with perfectly spiced chicken and a cold Thai tea make everything better. Don’t you agree?  It’s the power of food (and people) that make the world go around.

~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~


IMG_0436 IMG_0437 ^^ It might be smart to order mussels at a mussel bar buuuuut I don’t like them, so I went for the grab meat guacamole and spicy greens instead.

IMG_0439^^ Had I had extra space, I would have selected the “Deep Fried Whoopiee Pie” or even a medley of the “Flex Donuts” just because.

 Flex Mussels
174 E 82nd St ~ 154 W 13th St
~ Menu ~ Book a Table ~ Info ~


^^ The Corner Deli, which guess what? ISN’T A DELI!  Officially recognized by the world wide web as a casual taqueria, the menu offers a good selection of authentic and delicious Mexican fare.


IMG_7631IMG_7635^^ Quite possibly the worst food photography ever but that would because it was shot 1) indoors 2) at night and 3) with flash.  Food photography no-no’s.  BUT the food was delicious if that’s worth anything {fish taco, horchata, plantains, avocado salad – aka sliced avocado}

~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~      ~

Sooooooo if you made it to the end (even if you were skimming as I usually do…true story) CONGRATS!  More coming with of course a list of places that I would like to hit up in the next few months.

Who’s in?  Any recommendations?

Find Your Tribe

It’s true that we are all searching for a something – a purpose or a path – or someone/group of people in life.  It can be that one person you call your best friend or maybe it’s a community (and yes, you can have both).  Heck, we are trying to find ourselves amidst this chaos.

I’ve shared here countless times how much November Project has meant to me over the last year and a half.  Sure, I post way too many pictures of running and workouts and it’s probably the first thing I’ll try to tell you about when we talk in person.  Truth: I didn’t even have any solo shots for our Christmas card that didn’t involve me working out – mostly because I’m not going to walk around the city and ask a stranger to take a picture of me.


Anyways, this feeling and this sense of community extends beyond the workouts.  We go out, we practice yoga, we go on trips.  We travel and visit other tribes and we travel together just for the hell of it.  It’s a sense of finding people who accept you for who you are and don’t judge you for what you do or what you say (unless it’s really really stupid and then they just make fun of you…in a loving way) 😉

The way I found this was by just showing up.  I started going to November Project back in August of 2014 here in New York City.  I vividly remember the early morning trek to the upper upper west side – farther away from work and a shower than I needed to be – and I even remember the first people that I met there.  One of the main reasons I took the plunge was after reading post after post from Sarah and Ali, both of whom I can now call friends (can we say real life omg moment when I met Ali? – this is the post that really made me say “f-it, I’m going”.)


^^ day 1

I didn’t know a soul (besides following their blogs, which is totally normal in this day and age) but everyone there was welcoming.  Hugs for all and introducing themselves to newbies such as myself.  I decided I would make it my goal for people to know my name.  I would show up despite the location, the weather, or my schedule to be there.  The result?  I fell in love.  I found the community that I needed.

Now I know the rivalry between NYC and LAX is real – read this blog post if you need some evidence – but I try to think of myself as a bi-coastal member.  New York is my home, it’s where I started, but Los Angeles is where I’m from and where I hope to be one day.


So, when the time came to go home for the holidays, I figured I would test LA out.  Sure, I didn’t have my friends, no familiar faces, but they welcomed me in and off we went around those damn stairs.  Seriously, even after running half marathons, how do I get winded by those Bowl stairs?


Slowly but surely I started to introduce myself, just as I did in New York, and now am happy to say that I have a few friends or at least friendly faces.  I have discovered and worked out at areas of Los Angeles that I never knew existed.  I know that when I move to Southern California, I won’t have to start from ground zero because I will have a tribe to wiggle my way into.

I’m sure there are countless creative folks who have documented their journey through NP, but watching this video >> November Project – LAX – A Short Film reminded me of the value of such a community.  A group such as this provides people the opportunity to find a place in the city.

So, what are you waiting for?  This is a new year.  Find your focus and Just Show Up.