Life of Late ~ 10.21.16

Here we are MORE THAN HALFWAY THROUGH OCTOBER.  Just leaving that there to think about.  We soon-to-be-NYC-marathoners have hit the highest week of mileage and I have run my longest run to date.  There are plenty of things that I feel as though I should have done better – namely eating, core work, not drinking, and less ice cream, but it’s all been a great training process and I’m ready.  The best part of this experience has been training on the streets of New York and running with all of my New York friends.


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Staged Festive Fall Candids

The weather absolutely bright and sunny this past weekend, which was excellent for my uber long run around the city (21 miles woohoooooo) but more on that later.  Sunday actually happened to be even better.  With a little shine and a little chill, I decided to dress in flannel and go on an outdoor adventure.

I met up with my friend Saron at Grand Central, where tons of others were setting off for a hike or trip to the semi-local pumpkin patch.   Fun fact: it’s practically like planes, trains, and automobiles to get anywhere close to a farm.  But we happened to find the most reasonable destination – just a quick 75 minute trip on the Metro North to Peeksill (just short of Poughkeepsie) and supposedly accessible to plenty of taxis.  Of course since we were not on our A game, they were quickly snatched up and one even refused to take us.  I don’t know if it’s just my perception of transport outside of Manhattan but some of those taxis are just plain ‘ol sketchy.  Others don’t even know how much to charge for various trips. Hm.

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Moving and Grooving in the Office

It’s safe to say that I love to exercise but haven’t managed that whole exercise/move throughout the day concept.  Like many other millions of people in the world, I have a desk job.  Sitting and staring at the computer for hours on end is what I get paid to do, as well as talk with clients and coworkers of course.

We’ve all been bombarded with articles about how “sitting is the new cancer” and as if we don’t have enough in the world to worry about, we have to be concerned with our desk jobs.  But in all seriousness, I have noticed a difference in the way that I move now versus when I was attended school and would get up and move about between classes.

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NYC Marathon Training: Weeks 9-12

Here we are with less than a month until marathon day.  Mega congrats to all of the runners who raced their hearts out yesterday.  There was the Chicago, Portland, and Long Island Marathon and not to mention all of the half marathoners – Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Newport, R.I.

Yesterday wrapped up the 3rd round of training with weeks 9-12.  To recap, we’ve got weeks 1-4 here and 5-8 here.


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