Giving Thanks ~ 2016

In a perfect world, I would remind myself of things – people, places, events, etc – that I am grateful for on a daily basis.  Whether it’s when I wake up, before bed, on a walk around the city, it’s possible.  Maybe it’s written in my phone or on a piece of paper or even repeated like a mantra as I run, it’s possible.

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Life of Late ~ 11.18.16

Last week was my 3 year work anniversary!! Can you believe it?  Or rather can I believe it since I’m not entirely sure who reads this or how many of you have been around since the beginning 😉  I am holding myself accountable for a few missing posts here – year #3 recap, a look at Halloweekend in Maine, and maybe a few others.  All in due time (hopefully) and today I ramble.  So enjoy!


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What I Learned from Running a Marathon


Well, marathon #1 is in the books.  Yes, some people (and even myself) questioned whether this would be a 1 and done.  I swear there were days during the process where I told myself this was it.  Then there were days where I couldn’t wait to plan the next one.  I guess that’s just the addicted runner mentality, right?

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Life of Late ~ 11.4.16

I cannot work right now.  Between fan-girling over meeting Kara Goucher to the second cup of coffee, to being impressed by my very smart sister (she crushed her CPA exams…sorry Megnan cat’s out of the bag) to realizing that the marathon is TWO DAYS AWAY, it’s just not happening.  Though not many people are in the office.

So the story behind meeting Kara is this.  I was supposed to go to a NY Custom PT event where she and a few other elite runners were going to speak.   Well, a work event popped up and I had to decline from meeting her and listening to their words of wisdom.

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