Cheers to 2016 and Onward to 2017

This truly was the year where I learned to have more confidence , I learned to say yes to opportunities, and I also learned how to say no.  I ran my first marathon, traveled to brand new places (and states!) and grew friendships across the country.  I ran 16 races, read 21 books, watched plenty of television (new fan of “Timeless”) and ate plenty of good food (…not to mention ice cream and iced coffee).  There’s so much to explore in 2017 and I’ve still got a ways to go, but 2016, you weren’t too shabby.


Here’s to an amazing year and another awesome one to come.  Be safe tomorrow, have fun, and CARPE DIEM!

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Life of Late ~ 12.23.16 {and a special discount code} … Merry Merry

Hello from the WEST COAST BABY!  It hasn’t been that long (only a few months) since I was home for a family vacation and for my friend’s wedding, but it feels good none the less. So while I’m out here hiking everywhere and eating all of the acai bowls, enjoy these articles.


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#runtoeat – San Francisco Edition

I may have given a quick rundown on my west coast travel earlier this month, but I left out some crucial details about the FOOD!  Maybe I’m losing my touch especially seeing as my passion for blogging did start with food.  Just kidding, I specifically left it out 1) there was too much going on and 2) this would be a fun post of its own.

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Holidays in the City

Unless you find yourself amidst the holiday markets in Europe, there’s no better place to be during Christmas time than New York City.  From the countless trees decked with lights to the window displays along Fifth Avenue to the ice rinks found around the city.  Hey, most of the time we even have the crisp air that allows you to bundle nice and warm, because who isn’t about that boots and scarf look?

Having lived here now through four Christmas seasons, I do agree that the Big Apple does it best – it’s been a treat to wear jeans, sweaters, and scarfs on a regular basis but I also have been fortunate to go home for a sunny and 70F Christmas morning.  I have made it my goal to experience as much Christmas cheer as possible and have a list of things that you certainly should check out one or many years down the road.

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Life of Late ~ 12.16.16

Ho ho ho, the holidays are in full throttle with less than 1 week to go until Christmas Day. I must be losing it because I originally published this as the 15th not 16th.  That has been updated. Well, I personally like the build up to the actual day of Christmas best but that’s just because when Christmas is over, we enter this dreary season of January and February chill.  Anyways, both Christmas and  Hanukkah happen fall around the same time period, which means celebrations at the same time for most people in the city!  Our apartment is all decked out with a baby tree, stockings, Hershey’s candy, and pine-scented candles (though my mother does not approve). 😉  Here’s a little bit of what’s been going on in NYC this week.

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72 Hours in San Francisco Bay


Some would say that 72 hours is too short of time to travel between the coasts.  This is true from a logistical standpoint as it is a lot of flying, however growing up I got used to the 5+ hour drive to Mammoth for just two days of skiing or hiking.  Now if you had asked me Monday morning (after arriving back from my redeye flight), I would certainly agree.  However, life is short and it’s about doing what you love and loving what you do.

Let’s just say the brainchild or problem started with Facebook.  I was following my friend’s November Project thread (thank you Facebook algorithm) and simply saw the words “running for ice cream”.  If you don’t know me already, I like to run and I like to eat.  I try my darndest to eat healthy but I will not look like Kara Goucher (though I do love her and look up to her).  That being said, whether it’s funny or true (both really), I like to have these runventures or #runtoeat adventures.

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