Where I Have Been

Oh hey there.  Looks like it’s been a hot minute since I’ve dropped in and I swore I would never be that person to just “check in” buuuuuut here I am.  Where have I been?  Location wise it’s stayed the same – New York/East Coast.  There was an itty bitty trip to California last weekend – my first in 6 months – but more on that later.  The point is that I haven’t been very present on the blog and I’m trying to work out what that means for me.  My job is one of the many million in the world that requires me at a desk underneath fluorescent lights.  While it’s a good environment, it means that I don’t always have the drive to come home and plop down to sit in front of another screen.  I know that I don’t have to apologize for not posting but it was really making me feel guilty.  So, this is me posting to tell myself it’s ok not to post all the time.  🙂

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Just Run ~ Global Running Day 2017

It’s GLOBAL RUNNING DAY!  As I’ve probably noted before, running has been a part of my life for a solid 10 years.  I wasn’t the most athletic person growing up, even though I played sports as a child.  Year after year it was soccer but it wasn’t until middle school when I started to try.  Well fast forward 10 years, 2 marathons, 17 half marathons, and countless other races and I’m still running.  It’s been my therapy, my friend (and how I make friends), and it’s been there through thick and thin (just like my quads…funny? Not funny? Can’t tell).  While I’m pretty sure I’ll never have the legs like I did in high school (ahem, that was high school), I’m proud of where my legs have brought me and continue to carry me.

np friends

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