Sharing a Bit of Christmas Cheer

What a bright time, it’s the right time to rock the night away and write a little survey.  Inspired by Hayley’s blog post last week and filled with all the holiday cheer that comes at this time of year.

Christmas Survey

Eggnog or hot chocolate? – Hot chocolate all the way.  I tested out eggnog on Saturday (along with some smog not) and it just wasn’t my jam.

Multi-color tree lights or white? – White is quite nice because it carries a calming aesthetic but since we’ve grown up with the multi-colored lights, I have to go with tradition.  Obviously.


Do you hang mistletoe? – No, no, no.

When do you decorate for Christmas? – We try to get our tree the second or so weekend in December, just so that it lasts the entire season and doesn’t dry out.  As for decorations, they usually go up after Thanksgiving – depending on when we have time – or rather when my mom has time since my sister and I haven’t been living at home for the past few years.

 What is your favorite holiday dish? – Hmmm. Popovers? They are rare but delish.  Or peppermint bark.  I’m a new fan of the Holiday Flat White but that’s a commercialized dish.

Favorite holiday memory? – I love walking around Manhattan and seeing all the street lights, store windows, and decorated trees.  A new one is the NYC NP_Carols where we dress up and gallivant around the city singing carols (and even making the NYC Snapchat story)


What’s on your Christmas wish list? – I would really like an updated phone, especially since it’s my lifeline, my camera, my planner, etc.  Although, I’m not too picky.  Just time to relax and workout with the fam and no drama.

Do you open gifts on Christmas Eve? – Since we spend the afternoon and evening with my dad’s side of the family, we generally exchange a gift or two or open PJ’s from the Christmas Elves.

How do you decorate your tree? – This is my very first personal tree! I have a tradition of collecting ornaments on every trip that I go on or every year that I live in a new place.  For the past three years I have picked out a turquoise glazed ornament from the Union Square Christmas Market – each one depicting one of my favorite places around town.  So far I have Flatiron District, the East River Path, and the Williamsburg Bridge/One Tower.


Snow: love it or hate it? – Just for a little bit 🙂 I’m more of the sunny and 70 on Christmas morning kind of gal.  What can I say? I grew up in Southern California.


^^ More of the Christmas Eve view but you get the idea.  Hard life living in Southern California 😉  Remind me why I’m living in New York?

Real or fake tree? – Real!  We pick our tree out from the local YMCA lot every year.  This is probably more work than it needs to be since my mom spends most days worrying if it has enough water but we love doing it and it helps out the YMCA.  This year my mom surprised my sister and I with our own little fake tree from Crate & Barrel so that we could decorate it with our own ornaments and take it with us when we move.

Favorite Christmas movie? – Christmas with the Kranks or White Christmas. I have never been one to re-watch TV shows or movies but boy those two can play on repeat and I would never grow tired of them.  Also, Tim Allen is simply the man.  So darn funny.  I could also see my dad pulling a move like that, so it makes it even more hilarious.

Favorite holiday tradition? – Our traditions or schedule has been relatively unchanged over the years >> driving down to Laguna Beach on Christmas Eve to spend time with my dad’s side of the family, spend Christmas morning with a jog (usually Meghan and I roaming the streets), and then driving up to Santa Barbara to spend Christmas night with my mom’s side of the family.


^^ Lately we have been playing games on Christmas Eve and with a family of athletes and competitive individuals, it’s a hoot!

Favorite Christmas carol? – Mele Kalikimaka.  Because in my heart I live in Hawai’i.

Christmas morning tradition? – As mentioned above, my sister and I usually wake up and head off for a jaunt about town.  Something about working out in the morning, especially when the town is completely quiet makes the day special. Before setting out, we prep homemade cinnamon rolls and let it sit and rise.  Once back, we shower and usually jump back into pajamas, sit around the tree and open presents and eat our way through the cinnamon rolls.

IMG_7704_1024 ^^ Not a selfie around town but workout partners in crime.  We used to runt together on Christmas morning but our speeds have changed greatly so it might end up being a solo jaunt. 

Do you write Christmas cards? – I guess you could say we send them as a family and I often take charge of the writing the family letter.  There were a few years that my sister and I would send silly cards out simply because my dad wouldn’t let us take those goofy pictures.  We might pick up the tradition again if we live together down the road, but for now, it’s a family affair.

What are some of your favorite traditions??

Life of Late ~ 10.30.15

Helloooooooooo.  Who is ready for the spooktacular day of Halloween (tomorrow)?  My day has started off a-okay with a little November Project pump up workout at the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, a little trip to Whole Foods (because why not) and now a media math test for television media.  I would prefer to do without the last part buuuuuut what can you do?  Of course I’m “studying” by writing this post.  Let’s just say it’s going as well as my SAT prep did in high school.  Back then I didn’t have the blog but I did have the JCrew website to browse.  Hey, I made it through college and earned a job on my own, so it’s all good.

I had planned on getting up this morning around 5:15 and dropping my stuff at the gym, running to the workout and running back afterwards.  Turns out I either didn’t set my alarms, turned them off before going to bed, or just turned them off in my sleep.  Anyways, I woke up at 5:45, which was not enough time to catch the subway and subsequently hailed a cab.  So much for free fitness 😉


We started the morning off with a helluva lot of burpees, lunges, stairs, and oh more burpees.  I have to hand it to our leaders – that was one killer workout.

Plans this weekend call for a Halloween house-warming, some sort of workout and pumpkin baking tomorrow and the NEW YORK MARATHON ON SUNDAY!  Who is pumped?


Last night I went to a happy hour celebration with work and I swear it reminded me that not everyone is a runner.  I had a few conversations with people where they just couldn’t understand my infatuation with November Project or working out or getting up early.  It’s like I was a specimen or something. (Note as I am writing this at 9:20…oops…the office is empty.  I’m that weird kid who works out in the morning instead of getting in late with a hangover. you do you)

^^ I don’t do bugs and I don’t do spiders, but this is too darn hilarious.  I very well may try this with a future dog of mine.  I’ll be such a good owner 😉

Side note.  I want to get more involved with photography and video making.  I watch all these amazing little recap videos that people make of their travels (Well Traveled Wife + husband, The Healthy Maven, and a few of my friends at NP).  This may be my new winter project but let’s see if I actually follow through…


^^ Throwback to those good times we had in Utah.  My deepest apologies to Emma as I have my rear end in her face.  Don’t mind me, just trying to get the race anklet on straight.

Huffington Post ~ “1,200 Calories” ~ Isn’t this article the truth.  Weight is more than a number and it’s not always all about those calories.  Excuse the French but I liked this excerpt, “And hungry people are — let’s be honest — complete assholes. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry it means I’m unfocused, cranky, distracted, grumpy, irritable, and generally miserable. Snickers did get something right: You are not your best self when you are hungry.”

Sweet & Salty ~ “Redefining Love” ~ A post written by one of my best friends and such a wonderful one at that ~ “And now these three remain: faith, hope, love. But the greatest of these is love.” — 1 Corinthians 13:13


^^ Enjoying the last 0.2 of the last 10 miles of the NYM course (if you are a blog follower, you might recognize the gal in the tank to the left)

5 Love Languages ~ So how do you express your love for others?  Words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch?  I guess you could say I’m a mix of the two – acts of service and gifts, but mostly love to give gifts.  Whether it’s being there to listen, sending care packages, or just picking up something random in a store (or even groceries 😉 ).  I love finding the right gift for someone and watching their face as they open it. 

Business Insider ~ “What I Would Tell My 20-Year Old Self” ~ Fail. Patience. Travel.  Stop watching TV.  All so true, especially the TV part. I spend some nights on the couch, flipping through my phone and willing myself to do something different.  Yet I remain on that couch, eyes glued to either the phone or television.

Pure Wow ~ “5 Places to Hike Based on Your L.A. Personality” ~ Getting this list ready for when I’m home during the holidays.

Time ~ “How to Find the Healthiest Candy” ~ Now, I’m a HUGE sweet fan but not the biggest candy fan.  Shocker.  I do love a trip to Dylan’s Candy bar but that’s just because it’s like another world in there.  Thanks to Cupcakes & Cashmere for a few of these links. 

DON’T FORGET TO TURN YOUR CLOCKS BACK SUNDAY!  If you are out and about for the Halloween festivities, you may feel a little deja vu when it’s 2 am and then 2 am.  Enjoy.

Life of Late ~ 10.23.17

I know I know, there have been a few too many “life of late” posts going on.  I truly wish I could muster up a few other prophetic posts, buuuuut I’m coming up short.  This week has actually flown by and hey, it’s everyone’s favorite day of the work week.

Some of the random things that I have learned in the last week?

  • Gluten-free bread is delicious but also starts to crumble after one week.  This doesn’t make for a great sandwich or grilled cheese.
  • Going to watch baseball games (even in the bar) with friends is fun, except when you decide to get up early to workout in the morning.
  • Running on 5 hours of sleep?  Not exactly recipe for the most success during the work day and sure doesn’t help with your eating decisions.  Common sense Kaitlin. Duh.
  • I’m pretty good at eating healthy, but boy I have such a craving for something sweet at the end of the day.


Sure, people complain about the MTA but I have to hand it to NYC, I’ve never had better methods of transportation.  Think about it, there may be tons of people and sure, some delays, but we actually get places relatively quickly.  If you aren’t going to follow me on this train of thought, just enjoy the different tile patterns and pictures in each subway station.

IMG_2779^^ Don’t these just look divine?  A little trip to Chobani SOHO is always a good idea, especially when you get to take the little glass bowl home after you finish!  My friend Whitney and I met up for a little massage in Chinatown and then caught up over Chobani (sweet for me, savory for her).


IMG_2813^^ BIG thanks to this gal for meeting me on Staten Island just to run the last few miles of the half with me.  I may have still had to have my earbuds in and jams flowing but having her there certainly helped.  I realized that running back to back to back races probably wasn’t the best idea for my body (some people are bionic) and I certainly need a little break.

IMG_2818^^ But first, we brunch.  Quite possibly my favorite combo >> running + eating.  Yes.  I may have gone to Chobani both Saturday and Sunday, but when Staten Island has NO FOOD OPTIONS AFTER THE RACE, you get a little hangry and go for whatever you want.


^^ Facebook now does this thing where it posts things that you have posted on that day (or around that day) in the past.  In honor of the San Francisco Nike Women’s Marathon last week, it was fun to not only see the most recent race, but the first SF NWM race back in 2010!

IMG_2906Here we are, just three sophomores in the city 🙂  Look at how young we look!  You can see the difference between the top and bottom (both Sam – middle girl – and I are in the same spots year over year)


^^ Last Friday’s workout was RIGHT down the street from me.  Even though I was so.darn.tired and probably could have benefited from the sleep, I just had to go.  It’s something about FOMO and guilt-tripping myself.  Anyways, afterwards, we decided to climb up oodles of stairs just for fun.  Hey, don’t you wish you had that view?

IMG_2885 ^^ Just some crazy kids getting a workout in.

Strava ~ “No White Space

Well + Good ~ “8 Tricks for Being More Confident” ~ TRUTH – be passionate – be hardcore – be bold – be resilient.


^^ Making this vegan pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin on point.

November Project (NYC Post by an amazing person) ~ “Hunger” ~ I have found that NP is just something out of the ordinary.  You think that when you graduate school, it will be tough to make friends – meaningful friends – who enjoy the same things or don’t pass judgement for something you think, say, or do.  Well, not to get too sappy but a lot of us have discovered that through working out and through November Project.  Pretty much everyone that I have met has taught me something.  Most of us share stories – the good and the bad – training tips, social events, etc.  We are there to help each other and not judge.  It’s amazing how we have all come together across the country and have this sense of belonging in a seemingly confusing adult world.

Peanut Butter is My Boyfriend ~ “What’s Next on My Fitness Journey?” ~ Good questions.  There are a lot of things that I would like to do in my life, train for in life, and places I want to race.  What happens if now just isn’t the right time?  How do I continue on this fitness journey?  What is that fitness journey?  All good things in Lauren’s post 🙂 


My Domaine ~ “Splurges to Make in Your 20’s” ~ Does daily cold brew count?  Just kidding.  Experiences are some of the top ways I spend my money.  I’ll get around to a car and a better mattress (moving on up from the twin).  #14 – some workout. CHECK 😉

Women’s Running ~ “How to Get Over Having to Miss a Race” ~ I always fear the dreaded DNF (Did Not Finish) or DNS (Did Not Start). Something about disappointing people or really just disappointing myself.  If it’s an injury, one must listen to the body, even if that race has been on the mind for months.  Of course, this is a moment where you should do as I say and not as I do.  I tend to run through pain, sickness, and negative temps.  Not smart, Kaitlin.  Not smart. 


^^ One last pic of the trip to Miss Lady Liberty last Sunday.

As for this weekend, I’m thinking of scheduling in some relaxation time.  Yes, the only way I’m going to be able to chill is if I schedule that.  😉  The weather should be glorious, a run in on the calendar, plans to see a Halloween Dog Parade (yes, that’s a thing – and annual thing), and maybe some more delectable autumnal recipes.

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe in are different from the things we do.” – Freya Stark

Current Life Questions from A to Z

A survey that has been floating around the blogosphere must be fun, right?  Well, you’re in for a treat because it’s on the blog today.  Thanks to Sarah and Hayley for the inspiration.


A — Age: 24 (although sometimes I feel oodles older.  Also, turns out I’m one of the young’uns at NP – I didn’t realize it until we shared our ages and looks like not everyone is in their mid-20’s as I had previously thought)

B – Biggest Fear: Not being able to move as well as feeling like a failure. I don’t like disappointing people, especially myself.  Whether it’s a project, a commitment, or just life in general, I hate feeling as though I’m about to quit on someone or something.

C – Current Time: 2:55 (last edit since I’ve been writing this over a few days weeks)

D – Drink You Had Last: Currently chugging ice water with lemon

E – Easiest Person To Talk To: Mom.  She offers advice that usually is right (ok most of the time) and also listens to me when all I need to do is vent.


F – Favorite Song: Angel in Blue Jeans (Train)

G – Grossest Memory: I was stopped off with friends at a Carl’s Jr. en-route to Mammoth Mountain and a bird pooped on my head.  Not cool. (There are others but I’d rather not re-live them. Thanks)

H – Hometown: Pasadena, California area!

I – In Love With: The friends I’ve made in the last few years and the support we give one another whether we realize it or not.  That and the opportunities open to our generation.

J – Jealous Of: People who know exactly what they want to do with their lives – jobs, travel, etc.  I have a hefty number of ideas but that’s all I got. 

K – Kindest Person You Know: This one is tough because I’m not sure I could name the absolute kindest person but know oodles of people with open hearts and others who I spot with random acts of kindness.  Let’s share that love around and remember we all are here to coexist. 

L – Longest Relationship: With Ben & Jerry’s?  We go way back.  Just kidding. 

M – Middle Name: Jean.  I’m named after my great-grandmother and from the stories that I have heard, I take after her in many ways.  I think if she were alive today or if we had grown up together, we might have been good pals. 

N – Number of Siblings: 1 sister.  We are best buds.  That’s of course once we get past the fact that I was quite rude to her for 18 years and now she is stuck with my endless random ramblings.  I appreciate you Megnan 🙂


O – One Wish: World peace.  Or for everyone to find something they love and be content with life.  None of this should have, would have, could have, regret and jealousy business.  You do you and carpe diem people. 

P – Person You Spoke To On The Phone Last: Most likely mom.  We talk all the time.  My dad is sometimes hurt by this but he has to know (as I tell him all the time) I usually am talking about nonsensical things with my mom.  Like what I had for lunch.  Or that I actually wore my hair down ALL DAY.  Yeah that rarely happens, but still. 

Q – Question You’re Always Asked: Is that your natural hair color?  Yep, sometimes a little help from SunIn, but all natural 🙂

R – Reason To Smile:  Weekend is near.  It’s fall.  All Or this video about llamas.

S – Song You Last Sang: Lean On (Major Lazer & DJ Snake) Not sure how I got the chorus stuck in my head but it’s great.

T – Time You Woke Up: 4:58 (when this was written) and probably 6 (when this is posted)

U – Underwear Color: Black.  

V – Vacation Destination: Hawaii.  Obsessed.  Although currently I have been in the mood to travel somewhere new all the time.  Current list for the east coast includes: Nashville, Raleigh, Charleston, Maine, Florida, and Georgia.

W – Worst Habit: Ooph, that’s tough.  I do have a terrible habit of cutting people off when they are talking.  I like to finish their sentences.  Oops.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: Leg – back when I had some runners’ knee issues.

Y – Your Favorite Food: Oooo man.  Sweet potato.  Or ice cream.  Or kale.  Definitely kale.  Cheeseburgers too.  I don’t think I could ever go vegan.  I’m pretty much an open book.

Z — Zodiac Sign: Taurus.  It’s scary how accurate it can be.

Pick one (or a few) and share your answers!  Do share some random fun 🙂

Late Summer Random Thoughts

I think it’s about time to round up some random thoughts today, don’t you agree?  Here’s to Amanda who came up with this idea to throw out all your thoughts aloud every Thursday on the web.  Enjoy 🙂

1. Being a functioning adult is tough.  I went to see the US Open on Monday and had a blast!  Though getting home at 12:45 wasn’t ideal and my decision to then run the next morning at 6:30 was even less ideal.  Then getting up at 4:50 on Wednesday to go to the 5:30 November Project was probably just stupid.  I was running on fumes during work and we all know that’s never good.  Wednesday was a day where I was grateful no one comes over to my side of the office. I just worked the day looking like a zombie.

IMG_2121 ^^ November Project does the U.S. Open

IMG_2136^^ See? Already zoned out and not paying attention.  Or just trying my best to keep up with Emma.

2. This morning (as I do every morning), I woke up and scrolled through every piece of social media that I use (email, Facebook, Instagram, etc).  I thought I was being clever when I found a post that I thought (emphasis on thought) was mis-captioned and reached out.  Granted, this was a person I met recently but there’s never a need to reach out and correct someone.  Oops.  I did.

My mom likes to call this my the whirling dervish effect (always used the phrase but for more insight into this strange swirling phenomenon, pictures here), where I don’t really think through things but act impulsively.  It’s also paired with the phrase “Kaitlin, you need to slow down”.  Anyways, thought it was ironic that I opened the AMNY paper and my horoscope was as follows:

Preview your act. You’re strong, and yet face a challenge.  A female calms a controversy.  Don’t say everything your thinking! Wait for what develops.”


3. I am obsessed with overnight oats this week.  The best combo to date (this week) has been oats, almond butter, chia/flax/cinnamon combo, goji berries, and a smashed banana.  Maybe topped with extra granola/nature valley bar crunch and a tad more nut butter.  I have a habit of stuffing my face during breakfast and coasting through the rest of the day snacking.  I don’t like lunch.


4. I’m going to Charleston this weekend and have been running through potential outfits in my head and may have already done two practice-packs.  We are supposed to get thunderstorms all weekend, so I’m not really sure how to plan for that.

5. I’ve gotten a tad bit obsessed with working out before going to work (I swear it makes my brain less foggy) but when I rolled over to my 6am alarm this morning, I knew running on fumes for 3 days in a row would be a mistake.  Yoga or sleep.  Sleep or yoga.  Cue two new alarms and 90 minutes later, I felt oodles better.  Strange how powerful sleep can be.

IMG_2125^^ Tuesday’s early morning run where the views were gorgeous but the humidity was atrocious.

6.  I tend to go through phases where I like to have a lot of contact with people, be with friends, talk with family all.the.time.  My grandma would call me “Nosy Rosy” because I was always inquiring into one thing or another.  I still would prefer that people respond to my messages (cough cough Meghan) but I have to realize how spoiled that sounds and that people actually lead lives and have things to do.  For example, Meghan is running cross country (probably leading the world as captain and senior mentor to the team), overloading on classes (at a tough college nonetheless), and trying to make the most of her senior year.  I need to cut people some slack.

Also, I’ve started to realize that while everyone is in a different part of their life, the simple act of “liking a photo” on IG or Facebook really does make you feel good.  I used to think that unless you know what’s actually happening in one another’s lives, you weren’t close.  That’s not true.  People come in and out of your lives in different methods and for different lengths of time.  Nothing is wasted experience. Again, cue the “Kaitlin, you need to slow down and relax”.  Ok.

Anything new and random in your life? Enjoy the day, carpe diem!

Life of Late ~ 7.3.15

For once it looks like I will be starting this Friday post off with a whole lot of ramblings and links to share rather than bombarding you with photos.  Will have to see which format I like better and which is more/less overwhelming.  In all honesty, I just didn’t take too many interesting pictures this week, so posting for quality rather than quantity 🙂

Lately I have been in the mood to switch up my workouts mostly because I am a proud  member of Equinox (thank you mega-corporate rate) and I want to get my money’s worth.  Believe me, if I had to pay the normal fee, that would so not be happening.  But, thanks to my company and the fact that there is one in the basement of my building, things are working in my favor.  Plus, they have chilled/scented towels, fresh towels to use while working out and for showers, excellent hair dryers, and premium Kiehl’s body wash/hair products.  My daily showers are almost worth the membership fee on it’s own!

Anyways, from total body conditioning to barre burn to cardio kickboxing, I am more sore than I have been in a long time.  I also have realized I have muscles that have not been properly exercised in ages!  Meaning it hurts to walk or squat.  Please don’t make me do more squats or lunges.  Also, my kickboxing form is embarrassing. I can’t get my leg higher than one or two feet off the ground.

I have also been craving fresh fruits and vegetables and all the fun recipes on Pinterest but not wanting to spend any money on groceries or spend any time cooking.  Thus, I end up with some healthy fast food for lunch or Trader Joe’s green juices and a whole lot of grilled vegetables/kale medleys.


^^ new food obsession. the chipotle for Mediterranean food. 

On another note, I found out that we get about 5 extra days off!  Our department distributed a schedule where they assigned each person a certain set of Fridays off this summer.  I am SO STOKED!  I would much rather have an entire day off than just a half day.  Knowing me, I will still be going to November Project bright and early and then probably take a trip to the beach or try to set up another trip.  Shoutout to Sarah and maybe the Baltimore tribe???

~ Links I Love ~

Listening to Anderson Cooper with Howard Stern

Jet Set Times ~ “10 Reasons Why Running is the Best Form of Tourism

The Cooper Review ~ “Difference Between Living in SF and NY” (some of these are spot on…I still love my current city though)

The M Dash ~ “Do’s & Don’ts of Finding a Mentor

IMG_0690^^ sample sale in soho? yes please.  

The Washington Post ~ “Of course you don’t love your job.  You’re not supposed to”  (“We need our jobs to survive, but we need our hobbies to make a life“)

Looking for gifts?? Check out these fun shopping ideas: Packed Party ~ Adorable boxes for party favors, cheering up your friend after a break-up or just for the hell of it! ~

Eat Clean ~ “5 of the Worst Things You Can Do To Your Coffee


^^ Meet the Black-and-white Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich or as Grub Street calls it, a Truly New York Concoction.   Um, thank you to Ample Hills Creamery and Baked bakery for the Black & Walt, after Ample Hills’ bovine masc

yes please.  Let’s just eat one of these after another juice cleanse or long run.  #runtoeat

^^ #1 great song  #2 this is amazing and makes me want to go watch these movies and go dance.  Seriously, any opportunity to rock the dance floor or make the bar my own dance floor and I’m game.  My roommates love me for it (or so I remind them) 😉  #noshame

 (image source)

One of my new favorite brands to follow on Instagram – Faherty Brand.  If only the clothing wasn’t so expensive.  Knowing me, I’d either spill something on it or rip it while trying to jump a sidewalk or dance in the bar.  Yes, I may have ripped my jeans while doing such a thing (they were already ripped though…)


^^ Finding some of the best tile artwork in the NYC Subways.  What strikes me as funny is that I have gotten so used to relying on public transport that I haven’t really used a car (besides a few taxis) in over a year!

Oh and apparently it’s national BLUEBERRY MONTH!  Struggling to figure out how to celebrate?  Well besides scrolling through Pinterest for days on end, spend some time in these wild articles here.  If you are like me, you will be drooling and dying to try every single recipe on the page.  Blueberry muffins (the Betty Crocker kind) are a childhood favorite but these days I opt for blueberries in the form of smoothies, overnight oats, and stuffed into my pancakes 🙂  So, in honor of the blueberry month, enjoy this video:

Lastly, have a fantastic weekend and 4th of July!  I spent last year down at the Jersey Shore, but this year I was able to fly home and am already soaking up the hot hot California sunshine in Mammoth Lakes 🙂  (note: I may have jinxed myself by pre-scheduling this post and we may be encountering some freak rain showers in the mountains.  thank you east coast for following me back west. not)  Looking forward to some good ‘ol altitude running, hiking, coffee, Mammoth Freedom Mile, and hopefully fireworks.

What are your plans for the 4th of July weekend?