The Godmother

I had the day off from my internship and so I went for an informational interview at Hulu.  I was able to catch up and shadow a few of my old colleagues who are sales coordinators and account managers.  I would love to get into sales and so, understanding some of the key entry level positions would be crucial to my future success.   Continue reading

Ah, Sugar.

Well, well, well.  Where shall we begin?  While I don’t have too specific of a routine during the summer, I have fallen into a pattern of running in the mornings and working during the day.  I am working three days a week as a Telemundo Ad Sales Intern at the wonderful NBCUniversal out in Universal City.  Continue reading

Santa Monica Beach Day

This afternoon I met up with a few other interns from NBC for a beach day.  We headed out to Santa Monica beach, which is not exactly my favorite, due to the intense amount of people (granted it’s summer and this would occur anywhere), the time it took to drive through traffic to actually make it to the beach, and the disgusting amount of trash that was floating in the water.  That all being said, it was a gorgeous day for the beach.   Continue reading

My Beverage of Choice

This is not your average lemonade my friends.  A recent discovery by my sister, Meghan, is this fabulous restaurant located in Pasadena, Downtown, MOCA, Beverly, Venice, Brentwood, USC, and soon Westlake Village and Manhattan Beach.  Lemonade is its name and it is known for its daily fresh and unique lemonade flavors, as well as its fresh and gourmet foods.  Continue reading