WIAW #29 – Girl Scout Cookies for ME?

Boy do I wish I had some Girl Scout Cookies around. Ok, maybe not because they would serve as a constant distraction and I would end up consuming the entire box, but one can dream, right? I was totally a Girl Scout from kindergarten until senior year and even worked to receive my Gold Award.  No worries, I did receive it, I just had to emphasize that we actually worked for it and it wasn’t delivered on a silver platter as some people believe. Continue reading

Final Parent’s Weekend Recap

Well, four years has seemed to fly by.  Correction – now that I am a senior and have 13 or so weeks left to go, it seems like my time here has been so short. Yet, I swear there were days (classes especially) that would never end.  But, let’s not dwell on that.  This was the annual Parent’s Weekend put on by Santa Clara University.  The Jesuits sure do know how to pamper the parents (aka ask for more money) 😉 and they do know how to celebrate and partay.   Continue reading

Oh the Purple Dress

Who else finds a certain outfit so attractive that they wear it over and over again? Well, I certainly find myself in a pattern that contains a few certain items from JCrew 🙂 One of these being the oh-so-comfortable dress purchased at my favorite store…JCrew.  Let’s just say it’s one well-traveled dress.

CIMG3968 Continue reading

WIAW #28 – Rain, Library, and Study Central

It’s that time! Sadly no recipes, but some truly delicious eats. I seemingly forgot to take a picture of my breakfast #fail but it went a little like this. After going to the gym for some elliptical time and light weights, I ate the remainder of my Chobani Berry overnight oats. I topped it with a small plum and added some extra PB2 powder for fun. Continue reading

When in San Francisco …

Go to Pier 39?  Eat clam chowder?  Have a milkshake from Ghiradelli Square?  Shop in Union Square?  Ok, all of these are completely valid and I hope that everyone does so at least once in their lives.  But there is SO much more to the bay than just Pier 39 or even a Giants game.  I’ve had my fair share of games and I guess I am slightly biased as a Dodgers fan, but not the point.  I had one more day of freedom to my weekend and decided to make it count.  After waking up and pounding out a little homework, I set off for the city.  This took a little load off my homework plate for today and it also enabled me to miss the traffic.  I had some ideas of what I wanted to accomplish and while some were checked off my list, others were not.  Still never been to Haight/Ashbury, but I guess there’s room for another trip 🙂 Continue reading